Life Lessons From Our Favorite Criminals

Jordana shares the key lessons she’s learned from the story of Carl Gugasian, the Friday Night Bank Robber.  

Onlyfans a Knockin'

Jordana invites pornstar Ella Knox to discuss her career, sex advice, and unique ideas on how to be successful on Onlyfans.

Tell Me What My Dreams Mean!

Dream expert to the stars, Lauri Loewenberg, tells us about her work and analyzes the dreams of 2020 remedy listeners. 

'Til Death Doulas Part

Yes, death doulas are a thing! Lupe Tejada Diaz lets us into her morbid profession and helps prepare us for the inevitable. 

Hypnotized to Slim Them Thighs

Laura Lewis hypnotizes us on air to steer us towards a healthy way of living. 

Who the [BLEEP] is Jordana David?

Jordana invites her two best friends to roast her and share crazy memories. Get to know your host.